Installation of frameless glass balustrade

Guide for the installation of our frameless glass balustrade system. If you have any queries, please contact us.

  1. Base Rail – The aluminium base rail should be placed onto its designated position and the holes marked onto the substrate for drilling. The Channel should then be levelled and lined up with the use of shims. Once the shoe is plumb and level, the fixings should be tightened up to make the channel rigid. The fixings must be tightened in accordance with the manufac-turers instructions.
  2. Glass slip clamp fitting – The glass slip clamps need to be placed on the bot-tom of the glass. This requires lifting the glass off the floor sufficiently or turning the glass upside down to squeeze these on. The slip clamps require spacing so that four are used per metre. The clamps placed on either end of the glass should be located 125mm in from the edge of the glass and then 250mm to the next clamp.
    The glass can now be placed into the channel.
  3. Glass clamp bar fitting – Once the glass is fitted in place, you now need to place the clamp bars into the top of each glass slip clamp. First you must screw the bolt into the clamp bar until the head of the bolt just reaches the bar. The shaped side of the bar will sit near-est to the glass.
    You can now sit each clamp bar into the glass slip clamps.
  4. Getting glass plumb and tightening bolts – You now need to place a spirit level on the glass to get the glass in the correct position. The bolts now need tightening into the channel equally to keep the same pressures on the glass. To adjust the glass into position you must unscrew the bolts back onto the channel.
    To achieve the correct positioning firstly square up and level each end of the glass and tighten. Then tighten the intermediate clamp bars.
    Once the bolts have pinched they now need a half turn to securely hold the glass in place. For extra protection we would suggest the use of an adhesive on the thread of the bolts.
  5. Top seal strip – The gasket requires feeding into the smaller pro-file supplied, you must not stretch the gasket. Once the gasket is flush with each end of the strip it now needs to be clipped onto the top of the channel, this can be done by pressing firmly down on the profile. Working from one end to the other is recom-mended.
  6. Cleaning – Once you are happy everything is in place and the job is complete you need to clean the glass and channel. We recommend the use of any standard glass cleaner so long as it is not abrasive. We also recommend a soft sponge or cloth, again to avoid any risk of scratching.

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