Install of frameless glass balustrade (Grip)


  • Prior to installation, ensure all services are clean and clear of obstructions.
  • Move all channels into position.
  • Mark out hole positions.
  • Drill holes where marks were drawn.
  • Put the channel back into position.
  • If required, place a drain block under the first hole (and every other hole).
  • Use a suitable fixing to secure the channel in place using every hole.
  • Using a spirit level, ensure the channel is exactly flat and vertical.
  • Use packers/shims if required.
  • Place black plastic isolator into channel. Ensure that they are position no more than 350mm apart and no more than 100mm from each end of the glass panels you will be fitting.
  • Carefully place glass panel into position.
  • Insert grip on other side of black plastic isolator.
  • Use an allen key to secure into position.
  • Continue this process for all glass, leaving a minimum gap of 10mm (or other specified).
  • If using stainless steel cladding, peel back yellow paper strip and stick to underside lip of cladding. This will fill the small gap between cladding and glass.
  • Spray glass cleaner on the glass to facilitate insertion of gaskets.
  • Weep holes should be provided for external applications.
  • Secure cladding to side of channel using a good quality sealant or double sided tape.
  • If no stainless steel cladding is being used, firmly push rubber gasket into channel, it should slot into place.
  • If required, use a good quality sealant to fix end cover plates.

Congratulations, you have now finished your frameless glass balustrade installation!

This information is to be used as a guide only for installation of the Grip frameless glass balustrade. If in any doubt, you should contact a suitably qualified builder. Do not attempt to carry out this work if you are in any doubt.